Cruise Logistics

Medical Insurance

Whilst on board an NMF-SS vessel you are covered by NERC for all medical costs. Should an individual have an accident or become ill whilst onboard the vessel and need to have professional medical attention ashore, the Master will arrange, via the ships agent, for them to see a doctor or to be landed to a hospital. All of the costs of any treatment incurred on board the vessel will, effectively, be free.

However, the cost of transferring an individual and any hospital / medical cost incurred ashore will be the responsibility of the parent institute or organisation although the costs will, initially, be met by the ships agent and re charged through the agents accounts once received by the Operations group.

Where an evaluation has identified the need to carry a qualified doctor, medical treatment on board is administered by the Ship’s Deck Officers. They attend regular training in Medical First Aid and Medical Care aboard Ship but are limited in the scope of care they can provide. Medical Advice is available from organisations approved for marine medical support. The ships are equipped with a hospital and carry a supply of medication and equipment in compliance with MCA regulations.

If an individual is taking any prescribed medicine they must ensure that they inform the Operations group using the via the Embarkation Form (RRS1) before joining. An individual must ensure that they take sufficient supplies of any prescribed medication with them that will last for the full duration of the cruise.

The NERC Medical Insurance arrangement is currently administered by AIG. The benefit of this may only become effective once the individual has been disembarked from the vessel and an agreement for future action reached with AIG.

Whilst on board the vessel the individual is the responsibility of the Master. The parent institute or organisation may already provide insurance cover. However, it is wise to check with the parent institute or organisation prior to travelling to make sure cover is in place or to find out if an individual needs to take out additional cover for going offshore.

Travel Insurance

Users of NERC vessels should be aware that although NERC does insure its ships and equipment, Scientific staff are strongly advised to take out travel insurance – similar to when you go anywhere abroad on holiday – to cover the time taken to travel to the ship and for your subsequent return home.

For NERC employees: Insurance for personal effects is met within your terms and conditions of employment. Cover is in place – via AIG - for travel to and from the ship only.

For non-NERC personnel: Should you require cover for such items, it is your responsibility to arrange prior to joining the vessel. Should non-NERC employees require personal insurance for the period they are onboard plus transit to/from the ship they should make their own arrangements as deemed appropriate by their employer. For volunteer staff, personal Travel Insurance is required.